Band of Vices presents its first upcoming Exhibition…

EastWest (Vert)After taking a few years to regroup, refocus & reignite, Band of Vices (previously Tilford Art Group) is back with works by two of its previous artists, Francks Francois Deceus and Greg Breda.

Franks, born in Haiti, has been a Brooklyn, NY resident for more than two decades now. He continues to challenge the emerging art community with his ever-evolving series’ of works. With his debut for BoV (Band of Vices), Deceus decided to delve into his vault and to share works/studies that were the foundation for his critically-acclaimed “Everyday People” series. These works, most 10+ years old, are available now for the very first time.

Greg, a Los Angeles-based, self-taught artist, had an impressive sold-out show when he first debuted his “SEED” series with Tilford Art Group. With a deep, sincere and well-calculated approach and process to humanity, intuitiveness and spirituality, Breda’s new works are not just an homage to that series, but a continuation in his exploration of Woman and Man.

The preview of these works are being offered as a “pre-sale” in terms of availability before they go on exhibition for the general public in our upcoming, new downtown Los Angeles (#DTLA), thirteenth-floor loft space.

East + West: Studies on Paper by Francks Deceus & New Works by Greg Breda is set to open mid-May, 2015. We will be announcing its official details in the coming weeks.

Feel free to email us any inquiries you may have as it relates to these currents works of Art.


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