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BoV #4a - Richard Wyatt, Don't F.... with Me Today 2

Perspective – An Online Survey of Figurative Works
Curated by Melvin A. Marshall
20 November, 2017 – 12 January 2018
Perspective: An Online Survey of Figurative Works spans the continental United States and includes a wide range of emerging, mid-career, established and historical Artists. The artworks in this survey invite the viewer to explore such everyday concepts and themes as the human condition, beauty, identity, religion, portraiture, history & culture and nudes, among others.
This exhibition encompasses an incredibly talented group of artists including such leading African American figures as Harlem Renaissance sculptor Richmond Barthé (1909-1989), master printmaker Margaret Burroughs (1915-2010) and Charles White (1918-1979), one of the most recognized & revered Social Realism artists. This broad exhibition includes two stunning bronze sculptures, and other outstanding examples of paintings, works on paper, & important historic prints.
Contemporary master muralist & painter Richard Wyatt, Jr. (b. 1955) known for his figurative realistic works that honor everyday people & historical figures, is another highlight of the exhibition. Jose Ramírez has two beautifully rendered works on canvas representing the significant contributions that Chicanos have infused into our rich fabric of American life. Francks François Deceus brings forth his Haitian heritage to his oeuvre, making us consider these rich and engaging Caribbean-infused elements. And Toni Scott has added her voice with a frenetic, compelling oil on canvas rendering.
These artists want us to recognize that art has its own generative power. This is their perspective.
Melvin A. Marshall
Art historian & Curator

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