East + West

Studies on Paper by Francks Deceus


New Works by Greg Breda

16 May – 20 June, 2015


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East + West: Studies on Paper by Francks Deceus & New Works by Greg Breda, reunites the gallery with two of its most-notable Artists from Tilford Art Group, representing the east & west coasts, respectively.

Francks François Deceus has pulled from his archives works based on his early “Everyday People” series, documenting among many themes, his commentary on the gentrification which swept through Brooklyn in the early part of this 21st century.

Greg Breda has spent these past few years delving deeper into the root of identity with a continuation of his “SEED” series. Both artists works in this show represent their strength and tenacity, as well as a vulnerable, meditative dialogue.

This show, and more importantly, Band of Vices – this new gallery – has been in-process, under-construction, in deep meditative thought for several years. I knew after Tilford Art Group, I needed to take a break and separate myself from myself so that I could eventually see myself once again.

We all have our vices – cars, sex, money, art, shopping, alcohol, religion, travel, literature, music – and they are equally valid. What suits your lifestyle, your desires, your curiosity is the thought behind doing Band of Vices. Today we’re an art gallery. Tomorrow we’ll serve as a production house. Next week, we’ll engage in another dialogue. What you can expect from Us is Truth. That is all. And working toward lifting Humanity — locally & globally, in-person, as well as through the interwebs.

BoV is honored to curate its art shows in collaboration with one of #DTLA’s finest bespoke houses, Eighth & Grand. They represent like-mindedness in terms of wanting to bring something of value to their patrons. Our partnership is still only at its inception.

Francks & Greg. Well, both of these artists have challenged us to think beyond what is on the page here. Or in this case, the canvas, the paper, even mylar. Sit with the works, inhale them and hopefully, as you exhale, you discover something new about You or the person You allow yourself to step out of, so that You may re-discover yourself that much more Enlightened.

Terrell Tilford

BoV, Curators of All Things Good

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