Artifacts vs. Technology.

Artificacts vs. Technology
We live in the Digital Age, the Technology Age…

But the realization is, if you look back on past civilizations… Whether it’s the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Romans, the ancient Greeks, Han China, the Mesopotamians, there is are only a few things that withstood their time, that inform us of their culture and civilization… BOOKS & ART.

Without the discovery of Books and Art, little would be known of the World’s past lives in so many different ways… Just think, 200, 500, 1000 years from now, post Hilary & Donald, someone in the Apocalyptic world is going to stumble upon all these devices: computers and tablets and iPhones and Androids… But what will they mean; what will they inform these new inhabitants… Nothing. Because, they would all have been powered by some battery source, which, by that time, will not exist.
This is merely a microcosm of the world of books that I inhabit, collect & reference. But they mean the World…this World…the World beyond us, to Me.
Sculptures: bronze sculptures by #RichmondBarthe, #JohnBrown; wood sculpture inspired by #AmedeoModigliani.
Painting: Edyta Pachowicz
Photography: David Slade.


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