No Church In The Wild.


Our upcoming exhibition Dare I Do – a visual elixir will introduce our Los Angeles gallery-patrons to the artwork of Houston-based, interdisciplinary artist Robert Hodge. We first came to the attention of his work while working in New Orleans.
While walking through the city’s revived Arts District, we stumbled upon Boyd Satellite Gallery. Peering through the windows we noticed these huge paintings by a group of artists. Hodge’s work stood out. Exploring themes of memory, commemoration and music, I was immediately drawn to his painting (shown above: “No Church in the Wild” mixed media on reclaimed paper, hemp thread and enamel, 60×60, 2013).
While it reflected the Kanye/Jay-Z/Frank Ocean track off the Watch the Throne album, Hodge elevated the energy of the work with its uncompromising movement and texture. His use of recycled materials further enhances the profound simplicity of the work.
It’s Bold. And Big. And well, Circular.
It’s pictured here, in our living room. Of course, my two-year old daughter insisted that her chair be included in the photo, as well. There’s a profound simplicity to her, too. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.
From Boyd Satellite to Band of Vices, stay tuned for Robert Hodge.



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