Thank YOU.

To ALL the People that said Yes, Maybe & No, Thank You… To everyone who said they would, but couldn’t, thank you… To you, who did a drive-by or a facetime or came both days, thank you… To those who drank a helluva lotta wine, ate every damn thing served and laughed your asses off, thank you… To those that reposted, retweeted, forwarded the countless emails, thank you… To those that referred people, spread the word, met someone new, thank you… To y’all who even opened the emails, liked a pic on IG, even blocked us on some other social media platform, still thank you… And to you, who I haven’t seen in years, since our gallery on Pico, or our gallery in New York, or much further back when we co-produced shows with the Artists’ Showcase series in Oakland/San Francisco, in New York then, or even in Downtown Los Angeles, thank you… And to those who purchased art works in this show…ahhhhh…thank you. To Gallery 38, you muhfuckas is dope, thank you. To DJ Ykarus who said, I’m dj’ing tomorrow’s closing, thank you. To Nic for the designs, to Melvin for the critical analysis and to Shana for coming thru and posting…thank you. West Adams neighborhood, thank you. To Melva & Darryl, who have been saying what you’ve been saying for years and then, stepping up and backing every word of it with your actions, thank you. And finally, to our Artists, Robert, Edyta and Bryan, yo, y’all did that shit!!! Thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU.

What did it cost me?! My love. I remain in a constant place of gratitude… See y’all next time…@BandofVices.

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